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Wednesday, 27th February 2013
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Record snowfall hits Japan

While it is not unusual for Japan to experience heavy snowfall, residents of five prefectures in the Tohoku region may have been surprised to learn that the white stuff hit record levels on February 25th.

The Meteorological Agency's Aomori Observatory stated that the 550 cm of snow recorded in the area broke previous records of 529 cm.

Other areas including Tadami, Fukushima Prefecture and Nishiwaga, Iwate Prefecture recorded new highs for snowfall.

The country's arctic conditions were put to good use recently when the 64th Sapporo Snow Festival took place and visitors got to enjoy looking at an impressive array of 216 snow statues and ice sculptures.

Members of the armed forces were drafted in to help build the sculptures and those who attended were treated to a life-size version of the Kabuki Theatre in Tokyo.

The event, which ended on February 11th, is something of a feat with 32 tonnes of snow being used to create the models.

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