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Tuesday, 26th February 2013
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Japanese citizen set to be recognised as oldest living woman

It has been reported that Japan is home to the world's oldest woman, and according to her relatives, Misao Okawa is set to be recognised for her status by Guinness World Records.

Born on March 5th 1898, Ms Okawa had three children. Although she has outlived one of her offspring the 114-year-old still has a son and daughter who are in their nineties.

In January, it was reported that the female who held the world's oldest woman title, who was also Japanese, had died. Koto Okubo who lived in a nursing home in Kawasaki City near Tokyo passed away on January 12th.

The oldest living person is currently reported to be Japanese resident Jiroemon Kimura who is 115 years and 313 days old as of February 26th 2013.

According to a table drawn up by the United Nations department of Economic and Social Affairs, Japan tops a list of life expectancy at birth.

Written by Graham McPherson