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Wednesday, 6th February 2013
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Japanese scientists find key to keeping oysters fresh

Fans of shellfish will no doubt be pleased to hear that researchers have found a way to keep oysters fresh once they have been removed from their shells.

The secret of keeping the molluscs at their best for longer lies in the temperature at which they're stored, according to a study carried out by scientists at the research institute in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Under current government guidelines, oysters need to be consumed within five days of them being taken from their shells. Once they have been removed from their casing they need to be kept at ten degrees Celsius.

However, scientists discovered that if oysters are kept at zero degrees they will remain fresh for nearly one month. In addition, the researchers revealed that storing oysters in ice made from sea water is the best way of keeping them in top condition.

The Hiroshima Prefecture is the nation's top oyster production site, although there are others across the country.

In the Japanese town of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, a new processing plant has been built after the original building was destroyed by the 2011 Tsunami. The structure was constructed with the help of funds provided, perhaps surprisingly, by Louis Vuitton.

Written by Graham McPherson