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Tuesday, 22nd January 2013
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Algerian hostage crisis claims 7 Japanese victims

The Algerian hostage crisis has claimed the lives of seven Japanese citizens, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confirmed yesterday (January 21st).

Although it was disclosed that the seven victims all worked for JGC Corp, a Japanese engineering company, the names of the dead have not been disclosed other than to the bereaved families involved.

It was reported that a further three workers from JGC Corp remain unaccounted for. 

Prime Minister Abe said: "The use of force by terrorists against innocent citizens is totally unforgivable. We strongly condemn it."

Parliamentary vice foreign minister Minoru Kiuchi identified the bodies of the seven Japanese victims.

Takeshi Endo, a spokesman for JGC, told how an unnamed survivor of the ordeal was aboard a bus leaving the complex when the vehicle was hit by bullets.

Mr Endo told the Daily Yomiuri newspaper that once the worker had escaped the bus and returned to his cabin he was caught by the terrorists and handcuffed.