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Tuesday, 15th January 2013
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Tokyo snowfall leaves passengers stranded at airport

Some 3,400 would-be travellers were stranded at Tokyo's Narita International Airport yesterday - January 14th - as snow left planes stranded and unable to take off.

The Japanese capital saw three inches of snow fall on its streets and airport leaving many unable to travel by car, train or plane during one of the country's national holidays.

Some 71 flights were cancelled as a result of the weather, but there was some relief for passengers forced to camp out at the airport as officials handed out water, crackers and sleeping bags.

Narita airport has now resumed a fairly normal service with only a handful of flights cancelled today, January 15th.

Those travelling by car may not be so fortunate, however, as some of the highways surrounding the capital city remain closed as authorities battle to clear the roads of ice and snow.

January is the coldest month in Tokyo and the average temperature stands at six degrees Celsius although the lowest temperature recorded was minus 9.2 degrees Celsius.

Written by Mark Smith