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Tuesday, 8th January 2013
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Bristol-Kyoto symposium set to take place

An event is due to take place this week between Kyoto University and the University of Bristol which should see 90 academies from the Japanese institution visit the UK's south-west-based institution to discuss resources, and share contacts and knowledge with one another.

The Bristol-Kyoto symposium is set to take place from January 9th until January 11th and will be partly sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's Building Global Engagements in Research programme.

Universities and science minister David Willetts suggested that interaction between the two countries is important for the development of both.

Mr Willetts said: "The UK enjoys a long-term strategic science and technology relationship with Japan.

"Both our countries recognise that such international cooperation underpins economic development and delivers progress on the major challenges faced by our societies. I hope that this relationship will continue to grow and strengthen in the coming years."

The University of Bristol stated that the event is a culmination of four years of working on a strategic relationship between the two institutions.

Written by Susan Ballion