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Thursday, 20th December 2012
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Short coffees at Starbucks' Japanese operations

Visitors to Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd may leave feeling a little short changed after the affiliate of the beverage giant admitted that it has cut down the size of the coffee it serves at its Japanese outlets.

The operator said that nine millimetres of coffee has been taken out of each serving so that customers have enough room to add milk to their drinks and do not spill their drinks REP.

According to a spokesman for the company, the move comes as a result of feedback from customers.

Norio Adachi said: "Customers complained that they spilled coffee and got burned because cups were filled too high."

However, there is some debate over the decision, as a cup of coffee from the store's Japanese outlet will set you back 300 yen, which is more than twice what you would pay in Seattle, Bloomberg reports.

Starbucks has been in the press recently regarding its tax affairs and the company has subsequently said that it will take "action to pay corporation tax in the United Kingdom - above what is currently required by law".

Written by Graham McPherson

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