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Wednesday, 30th July 2008
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Japan to 'increase' access for foreign students

Japan aims to accept around 300,00 students from overseas by 2020, according to a plan formulated by a number of government ministries.

Currently, the country receive 120,000 foreign students a year, but aims to boost the numbers by relaxing immigrations procedures, among other measures which will be fleshed out next year, reports Japan Today.

It is believed the government will select 30 universities to intensively accept students from abroad. The institutions will include those that give diplomas for classes taught only in the English language.

Overseas students will also be given help to find places to live in Japan.

A survey by the Japan Student Services Organisation found that almost half (49%) of overseas students study in Japan in order to learn the language and more about the culture. Nearly one-third (29.9 per cent) did so because they intended to pursue a Japan-related profession in the future.