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Friday, 30th November 2012
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Majority support for death penalty questioned by professor

The Japanese government intentionally swells support for the death penalty in its opinion surveys, stated an information science professor at Shizuoka University.

Professor Fumiyasu Yamada said on Tuesday (November 27th) that of those 80 per cent of the public who support the death penalty, a large segment of them would also support abolishing it in the future.

"It has been reported that more than 80 per cent approve the death penalty, but seen from an informatics perspective, it is unreasonable to make such a generalisation," explained the expert as reported in Kyodo News.

Mr Yamada refers to the Cabinet Office December 2009 survey where 85.6 per cent of the respondents agreed that under particular situations, the capital punishment is necessary.

Another 5.7 per cent responded that in all circumstances, the death penalty should be abolished and 8.6 per cent stated that were unsure either way.

The professor noted that the survey was biased, referring to the phraseology used, such as "should be abolished in all circumstances", explaining that the language is "too strong" and makes choosing it more difficult for people.

Written by Graham McPherson