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Thursday, 29th November 2012
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3-D model of foetus created by Japan's Fasotec

Japanese parents-to-be can now get a three-dimensional model of their unborn baby to show their family and friends.

Following an MRI scan, a 3-D printer can print a nine centimetre resin model of the foetus.

The best time for the scan is at around eight or nine months, recommends the company.

Three dimensional printers are all the craze lately with the recently reported pop-up store that can print lifelike miniature replicas of people based in Harajuku.

Speaking on behalf of Fasotec, Tomohiro Kinoshita explained the attraction of the 3-D product: "We received requests for these kinds of models from pregnant women not want to forget the feelings and experience of that time."

Named "Shape of an Angel" and costing around £760, customers will receive the model and a bonus smaller version that could be used as a mobile phone strap.

Along with foetuses, the company also produce internal organs for use by the medical professions and educational institutions.

These can be either hard or soft, allowing budding surgeons to simulate operations using lifelike models.

Written by Mark Smith