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Wednesday, 21st November 2012
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Tetrapod robot created by Toshiba for Fukushima Power Plant

A tetrapod robot has been developed by the Japan's Toshiba Corporation that can enter high-risk areas, such as the Fukushima Power Plant.

The robot will be able to investigate and complete recovery work in places where it is too dangerous for humans to inhabit, the firm announced today (November 21st).

Controlled and operated remotely, the robot has an integrated camera and dosimeter. A dosimeter measures an object's or individual's exposure to something, such as ionising radiation.

Conventional robots with wheels or crawlers have a challenging time or are totally unable to move around uneven terrain, avoiding obstacles and climbing stairs.

The tetrapod robot, however, has multiple joints in its legs which are operated by a specific movement algorithm that allows the machine to go anywhere, stated the company.

It also has a folding arm that is able to release a smaller robot that mounts a second camera.

The robot also has a folding arm that can release a smaller companion robot that can mount a second camera. It can enter tighter and narrower spaces to take pictures, where the main robot could not access.

"Toshiba will continue research and development on capabilities and operation of the robot so as to enable it to position and install shielding, stop flows of water and remove obstacles," stated the company.

Posted by Graham McPherson