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Wednesday, 21st November 2012
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Potato crisps recalled due to broken glass risk

One of Japan's biggest manufacturers of snacks, Calbee Inc, has announced a country-wide recall of all packets of Kataage potato crisps yesterday (November 20th).

It is feared that there may be tiny pieces of broken glass in up to 5.34 million packets of the snack, which includes nine different products with a variety of flavours and packet sizes.

The broken pieces of glass were discovered by a high school student based in the western region, Kansai. The student was eating the company's crisps and received small cuts to the mouth due to the glass.

After he made an official complaint on November 17th, the firm immediately began an investigation to find the source of the problem. It focused on its packaging plant in Konan in Shiga prefecture.

The company confirmed that it found that a glass light cover positioned over a production line was broken.

Affected crisps include: Kansai Dashijoyu; Usushio Aji; Nori Aji; Black Pepper; and Yuzu Kosho Aji.

Calbee Inc has claimed its position as the number one snack provider in Japan and has set its sights on dominating globally, according to its Annual Report 2012.

Posted by Graham McPherson