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Friday, 1st August 2008
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Japanese population 'increases'

The population of Japan has increased for the first time in three years.

Japan Today reports that, according to figures released by the country's ministry of internal affairs and communications, the total population now stands at 127,066,178 - an increase of more than 12,000.

In Tokyo, population levels increased by over 100,000 to 12,462,196 over the last year, the ministry revealed.

The Tokyo figures represent the first time the city's population has increased by more than 100,000 since the analysis of population dynamics began back in 1968.

AFP claims that the country, which accepts few immigrants, could face a crisis in the future when a smaller population is expected to support a mass of pensioners.

In 2005, the BBC reported that Japan's population began to shrink for the first time since records began more than a century ago.

Then then health, labour and welfare minister, Kiro Kawasaki, commented: " Our country is now standing at a major turning point in terms of population."