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Friday, 9th November 2012
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Darvish wants to rest for 2013, declines World Baseball Classic

Right-handed pitcher for the Texas Rangers in the US, Yu Darvish has stated that he will not take up Japan's offer to play for them in the World Baseball Classic next spring.

Citing the need for "ample rest" ahead of the upcoming US season in 2013, Darvish states that he will be supporting his native country of Japan when they defend their title.

"There are many very talented players in Japan and I am confident this team will uphold Japan's great tradition in this event," he said.

As what is likely to be a disappointing blow to the Japanese team, Darvish said in a statement released via the Texas Rangers that his "ultimate goal" is to help the Rangers win the World Series and to share this glory with baseball fans in Japan.

Darvish explained that he consulted with his trainers and coaches and decided that this was the only option for now, as he had quite a considerable workload to recover from, along with "enduring" his relocation to the US.

Posted by Graham McPherson