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Tuesday, 5th August 2008
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Japanese car maker set to launch 'eco-pedal'

Japanese car maker Nissan is set to launch what is being described as an eco-pedal innovation that could make motoring less environmentally damaging.

The company has been trialling ways to encourage more efficient driving and has come up with a system that means the accelerator pedal forces back on the driver's foot when he or she is being 'wasteful'.

Users can choose to switch the system off and it is hoped that it will be able to cut the carbon emission contributions of Nissan drivers by between five and ten per cent, Reuters reports.

The system is expected to be available from next year but Nissan, which is Japan's third largest automobile manufacturer, is yet to specify which cars will be the first to sport an eco-pedal.

Meanwhile, Japan-based car firm Honda recently revealed that it has sold the first in its new range of 'green' fuel cell vehicles branded as FCX Clarity models.