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Friday, 19th October 2012
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Nissan test-runs latest accident-free car

A car that avoids knocking over pedestrians has been test-run in Oppama, Japan.

Nissan have fitted the car with the latest advanced technology, including a device that steers itself to evade hitting pedestrians.

The test track is south of the company's Yokohama headquarters and boasts some of the world's most progressive innovations in technology within the sector.

"The sensors installed on this car detected that a pedestrian jumped out and at the same time detected a safe escape zone. The steering wheel automatically turned to avoid the collision," said Yoji Seto, from Nissan's Intelligent Transportation Systems Development Department.

It's not just about producing safer cars, but also making driving more pleasurable, explains the company.

The most challenging issue for engineers has been getting the correct type of direct feel in the steering, so that the driver perceives that they are more involved with the operation of the vehicle.

Because the steering is electronic, the driver does not feel any shuddering or trembling when holding the wheel, whereas in most cars, motorists can definitely feel when they have driven over a pothole.

The car could be available on the market as early as next year, stated Nissan.

Posted by Mark Smith

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