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Friday, 19th October 2012
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26 million yen found in Japanese house before demolition

A total of 26 million yen (more than £204,000) was discovered in a tin box underneath the lounge room floor, in a house that was set to be demolished.

The vacant property, located in a farming town called Kembuchi, on the northern island of Hokkaido in rural Japan, was being dismantled after its elderly owner passed away two years previously.

Found by construction workers, most of the 2,600 notes - each worth 10,000 yen (79p) - were bundled together, while others were stuffed in envelopes.

People will sometimes hide their money around, and in this case, under their house to avoid paying taxes or because they don't have or trust banks.

"Because the cash was discovered at an individual's house, it is clear whose money it is, so we don't treat it as a lost-and-found case, said a spokesperson for the local police station.

According to press reports, the money will be delivered to the owner's relatives on the largest Japanese island of Honshu.

Posted by Susan Ballion