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Wednesday, 17th October 2012
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Apple files appeal against Samsung ruling

Apple has lodged an appeal in the Tokyo courts regarding the case against Samsung.

The Japanese courts ruled in favour of Samsung, stating that it did not infringe any patent of the US giant, Apple, regarding the company's smartphone and tablet products.

Being unhappy with this outcome, Apple has taken the next legal step and filed documents and necessary paperwork to put the appeal in motion, according to The Tokyo Times.

The firm wants to emulate the earlier court ruling in the US which found Samsung at fault, and this has proven to be more difficult in Japan.

In its first major case in North America, the South Korean company was ordered to pay $1.05 billion (£650 million) in damages.

This could also result in Samsung's devices being banned from the US market.

The lawsuit claimed that Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab 7, violated Apple patents.

Samsung has also put in an appeal against this decision.

Posted by Susan Ballion

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