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Thursday, 11th October 2012
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Iconic cartoon character to guide tourists in Japan

An iconic Japanese cartoon character is set to offer her expertise on the best holiday destinations in the country.

In a partnership between the Japan Tourism Agency and Sanrio, Hello Kitty will take visitors through Japan's 47 prefectures via a smartphone app.

The fun doesn't end there, however, as the character comes with more than 50 outfits for her various adventures around the country.

One of the main features of the app, bound to be a winner with young tourists, is its camera function which enables users to be snapped at their favourite hotspot alongside Hello Kitty herself.

An image of the cat will appear on the screen as the user prepares to take the picture, so anyone hoping to be caught on camera with Hello Kitty in Tokyo could see their dreams come true.

All the places a visitor passes through on their trip will be stored in the app alongside various pictures, making it a special momentum for fans of the character.

Public relations manager for the Japan National Tourism Organisation Nori Akashi explained the logic behind the creative idea.

She told NBC News: "Hello Kitty has a strong association with Japan; it's globally known and eye-catching."

Posted by Mark Smith