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Thursday, 27th September 2012
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Yokozuna finally awarded to Harumafuji

Mongolian sumo wrestler Ozeki Harumafuji officially became the 70th ever yokozuna.

The announcement was made yesterday (September 26th) by the Japan Sumo Association, after confirming the title to him during its executive committee assembly.

"I am full of gratitude. My desire to put forth a greater effort has gotten stronger. These past two days have been like a dream," said Harumafuji.

The wrestler was referring to the fact that he was recommended for the coveted title by the Yokozuna Deliberation Council after winning back-to-back competitions, including at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament held last week at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The 186 centimetre, 133 kilogram champion made his first ever sumo wrestling debut in January 2001 and becomes the first sumo to be bestowed with the rank of Yokozuna since Hakuho in May 2007.

He is scheduled to appear during the Autumn Tour, held from Saturday October 6th to Sunday October 28th.

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