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Tuesday, 25th September 2012
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Hitachi says new prototype can store data for 100 million years ? at least

Japan's hi-tech giant, Hitachi, has revealed a prototype device that can store digital information for more than 100 million years.

The data is stored in binary form by creating dots inside a thin sheet of quartz glass. It is able to tolerate hostile conditions and extreme temperatures without corrupting, or needing an upgrade in technology.

Quartz glass is a durable material that is extremely stable and is used to make laboratory equipment such as beakers and test tubes.

The prototype storage chip is two millimetres thick (0.08 inches) and two centimetres square (0.8 inches).

The device is also waterproof, meaning it could survive millennia in the water without being damaged.

Tests by the company have shown that it can resist temperatures to 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 Fahrenheit) for a minimum of two hours without becoming damaged.

The prototype is also unaffected by radio waves and is resistant to multiple chemicals.

"We believe data will survive unless this hard glass is broken," said senior researcher, Takao Watanabe.

Posted by  Graham McPherson

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