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Tuesday, 25th September 2012
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Deer missing from Nagoya zoo, possibly stolen

A female sika deer, which is old and almost blind, has gone missing and is possibly stolen from a zoo in Okazaki, in Japan's Aichi Prefecture.

On Saturday September 22nd at approximately 19:30 local time, the doe was reported as missing by a zookeeper at the Higashi Park Zoological Gardens.

The officials have confirmed that the doe was last seen in it's enclosure at 14:30 local time the day before, on Friday September 21st. The zoo was closed at 16:30 that day.

The unlikely nature of the doe escaping on its own led the zoo to believe that it had been stolen.

According to zoo officials, the door of the enclosure was locked securely and no alarms sounded. The height of the fence stands at around three meters, making it unlikely that it was jumped clear by the doe.

The 30 kilogram doe is over 15 years old and was kept alongside two other deer.

Posted by  Susan Ballion

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