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Monday, 10th September 2012
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Jovovich arrives in Tokyo for launch of new zombie flick

Hollywood head-turner Milla Jovovich arrived in Tokyo recently for the launch of her latest zombie-crushing flick 'Resident Evil: Retribution'.

Joined by the movie's director and her husband Paul Anderson, the Ukrainian beauty received a warm welcome from hoards of Japanese fans.

The fifth instalment of the franchise, which erupted from the video game of the same name, sees the actress reprise her role as Alice - who continues her bid to rid the world of flesh-eating crazies.

For Alice, the fun doesn't stop there, however, as she is also striving to combat the evil Umbrella Corporation, which is responsible for the outbreak of the highly infectious T-virus.

Milla spoke of her love of Japan during the event and described the fun she had on set shooting for the newest film.

She was quoted by Japan Today as saying: "I have been coming here since I was a child and bringing this movie here feels like I am coming home."

The film is set to debut in UK cinemas on September 28th.

Posted by Graham McPherson

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