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Tuesday, 4th September 2012
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Tokyo's population to peak in 2020, study group says

The population of Tokyo will peak at 13.35 million in 2020 before taking a rapid decline in the ensuing 80 years.

That is according to a study group arranged by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which projected the capital's population would halve to 7.13 million in 2100.

In 2010, the city's density was reflected by its 13.16 million residents, however, the greying population is unlikely to be reinvigorated by younger citizens.

While Tokyo's population is due to decline, 46 per cent of residents will be made up of over-65s - stressing obvious challenges to its economic ability.

The group said in a statement: "The number of people in their most productive years will decline, while local governments will face severe financial strains."

They added that it is vital to tackle the falling birth rates and improve social security for the city's aging citizens. 

Tokyo's population is made up largely of Japanese, with a few Asian minorities and fewer foreigners adding to its density, explains.

Posted by Susan Ballion