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Monday, 3rd September 2012
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Manga favourite used to promote smartphone app

A favourite Japanese manga character is being used to encourage users to download a new smartphone app.

Google is harnessing the popularity of Doreamon to promote its newest app that sees users call on the cartoon cat to help them with their search queries, Tech In Asia reports.

The advertising campaign was launched across Japanese television today in celebration of Doreamon's "reverse" centenary, which saw him born in the future on September 3rd, 2112.

According to the news provider, the commercials have been in "pretty heavy rotation" all morning in Japan, with audiences no doubt revelling in Google's quirky campaign to garner more users.

In the manga series, Doreamon is summoned by schoolboy Nobita Nobi, who calls him back from the 22nd century to help him with his problems.

Similarly, smartphone users will call on the animated caper to fulfil their Google search questions through a voice-activated app. 

Doreamon first hit Japanese TV screens in December 1969 and due to its popularity, evolved into an anime series and Asian franchise.

Posted by Graham McPherson

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