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Wednesday, 22nd August 2012
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Carmakers band together to trial talking vehicles

One of Japan's leading vehicle manufacturers is participating in a US trial of talking cars to promote better road safety.

Toyota Motors is among the many international brands supporting the $25 million project utilising wireless technology to alert drivers to potential dangers around them.

A year-long test period is taking place in Michigan, where it is hoped the built-in systems will allow motorists to identify threats from surrounding vehicles without being overly-sensitive to non-threatening cars.

In a speech delivered to reporters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Tuesday (August 21st), US transport secretary Ray LaHood expressed the significance of the trial.

"This is a big deal and I think everybody here believes this has a lot of promise," Reuters quoted him as saying.

"But until we see the data, until the study is complete, we won't know with certainty what promise it really has."

The technology is able to trace the speed and location of other cars and can tell if another vehicle is braking or turning the wheel.

Posted by Mark Smith