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Tuesday, 21st August 2012
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Japanese journalist gunned down in Syrian conflict

A Japanese reporter is the latest victim of the ongoing crisis in Syria after being shot dead by between ten and 15 troops.

Mika Yamamoto is believed to have been targeted by pro-government soldiers in the country's second city Aleppo, the Associated Press reports.

The journalist's long-standing colleague Kazutaka Sato told Japanese broadcasters that Ms Yamamoto was caught in the fire of a group of troops he believes represented the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Detailing the tragedy to national broadcaster NHK, Mr Sato explained how he and Yamamoto were separated when the firing began.

He was quoted as saying: "We all ran and scattered. After that, I couldn't see Yamamoto and was told to go to hospital.

"I found Yamamoto's body there."

The 45-year-old reporter, a veteran war correspondent with the Japan Press news agency, is one of four journalists to have been fatally wounded on the frontline in Syria since the uprising began in March 2011.

Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin and French award-winning photographer Remi Ochlik died in the conflict in Homs last February.

Another French reporter, television journalist Gilles Jacquier, was also killed in the city in January.

Posted by Susan Ballion