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Thursday, 16th August 2012
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Holidaymakers becoming more daring while abroad

The prospect of a trip to Japan is enough to get holidaymakers truly excited but it could also impact on their habits and behaviours.

According to new figures from, a majority of people taking a break overseas are prepared to be more daring.

Some 72 per cent of UK holidaymakers admit they are more inclined to be daring while abroad, suggesting some use breaks to conquer their fears.

"Holidays should be a time for having fun and trying out new things," Jeremy Cryer, head of travel at, said.

One "daring" adventure Britons might try when they are in Japan is its exquisite food, such as sashimi and sushi.

This will go well with a tipple or two, with 57 per cent of holidaymakers more inclined to drink alcohol while abroad.

Still, it's best to keep it to a minimum, with 13 per cent of people admitting they have lost a full day of their break to a hangover.

Posted by Graham McPherson