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Thursday, 16th August 2012
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japan to welcome US rapper Lil Jon

American rapper Lil Jon is set to begin his 2012 Japan summer tour and will no doubt enthral audiences with his hip-hop beats and funky sounds.

The tour is being produced by 2R Live and Eggworm, who are committed to donating a portion of the ticket sales to breast cancer in Japan, the Tokyo Times reports.

They are supporting the Pink Ribbon Movement, illustrating the US star as more than your typical rhyming lyricist. 

In the past, Lil Jon has hit back at fans for being a little too eager, saying: "I appreciate the people showing me love … [But] they don't understand that you can't be crunk at all times."

The King of Crunk, otherwise known as Jonathon Smith, is not the only American hip-hop artist to be scheduled to perform in Japan this summer.

Rapper The Game had to cancel an August gig in Nagoya after suffering a basketball injury that caused broken bones.

Posted by Mark Smith