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Wednesday, 13th August 2008
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Masae Ueno claims judo gold for Japan

Martial artist Masae Ueno has claimed Japan's third gold medal at this year's Olympics after defeating Cuba's Anaysi Hernandez.

Ueno, who was defending the Olympic gold she picked up in 2004, won the match with a throw after less than 60 seconds.

Reuters reports: "Like so many Japanese judokas before, Ueno's only interest in the final was to go in for the quick kill."

Meanwhile, Ronda Rousey of the US won bronze after overcoming Germany's Annett Boehm, defeating her by holding on to a low uko score until the clock ran down.

In the other bronze decider, Edith Bosch of the Netherlands defeated Spain's Leire Iglesias.

At the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Japan claimed eight of the 14 judo golds up for grabs, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper claims that a power-shift is underway, as new generation of non-Japanese judo students emerges in Europe.

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