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Tuesday, 14th August 2012
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Comedian begins nine-day marathon for Fukushima victims

A Japanese comedian has begun a nine-day marathon in an effort to raise money for victims of the Fukushima disaster.

Kampei Hazama kick-started his first of nine consecutive days of running on Monday (August 13th) which will bring his total mileage to 440km by the end of the challenge.

The 63-year-old runner started out in Yamada, Iwate prefecture, and will make his way through the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures as part of the course, Kyodo News revealed.

"I will run to bring back smiles to your faces, so root for me," he was quoted as saying.

Mr Hazama is no stranger to natural disasters having been a survivor of the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake, which devastated thousands of people in western Japan, as well as destroying the marathoner's home.

While the funny-man will no doubt draw in much needed funds to improve the lives of those affected by the March 2011 disaster, he also hopes to raise awareness of the struggles victims continue to overcome.

A standard marathon is 26.2 miles, taking the world's fastest competitors less than two hours and ten minutes to complete.

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