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Monday, 13th August 2012
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Japan triumph at Games with 38 medals

Japan fell one place short of a top ten spot on the Olympics medals table but that does not take away from the glory the 305-strong team brought home.

Coming in at 11th position will still be considered a triumph for the nation, which scored seven gold, 16 silver and 12 bronze to bring the total count to 38, three short of tenth-placed Australia.

It is no surprise that the US topped the list with 104 medals including 48 gold, although Japan's neighbours China headed the table for much of the Games but settled for 88 in total.

Japan picked up medals of all colours in a great variety of sports including volleyball, badminton, archery and fencing.

The country won the most accolades in swimming, with three silver and eight bronze, however, when it came to gold, wrestling was the sport of choice.

Gold was also secured in Judo, boxing and gymnastics, illustrating the diversity and talent of the northern-hemisphere nation.

Posted by Graham McPherson

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