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Thursday, 9th August 2012
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Population of Japan declines for third consecutive year

The population of Japan has continued to decline for a third year in a row, according to new figures ending on March 31st.

Figures from the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry revealed the nation’s population decreased by 0.21 per cent year-on-year.

That represents a fall of 263, 727 from the beginning of 2011, with the total number of citizens now standing at 126,659,683.

A breakdown of the numbers showed the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, suffered in March last year, had worked to erode the citizen count of affected prefectures.

Fukushima saw its population depleted by 2.17 per cent, while Iwate prefecture recorded a drop of 1.28 per cent, the Ashahi Shimbun reported.

However, the capital city of Tokyo enjoyed a population rise of 36,810 - the strongest figure of all the prefectures.

Japan has the world’s tenth highest population, with 23 per cent aged 65 or over, in contrast to 13 per cent who are under 15.

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