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Monday, 11th June 2012
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Fugitive penguin resumes zoo life

After spending 82 days running amok in the Japanese capital, Penguin Number 337 has finally resumed zoo life at the Tokyo Sea Life Park.

Having escaped from the penguin tank in March, the unnamed Humboldt penguin was on the loose until the end of May when zoo keepers finally tracked him down in the River Edo.

After treatment the penguin is now on public show once again, but it appears that he is struggling to come to terms with life back on the inside.

Keepers told the Yomiuri Shimbun that, despite making a dash for the pool when staff first opened the gates on the day of his return, he is not integrating with other birds and has isolated himself from the rest of the flock – possibly because he is agitated.

"When he calms down, I believe he'll rejoin the flock," Tatsuya Yamamoto, the park's penguin keeper said.

The news comes after it was revealed that exposure to pollutants had caused the penguin to develop a case of pinkeye when he first returned to the zoo.

Written by Susan Ballion