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Friday, 8th June 2012
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Yuko Oshima wins AKB48 election

Following one of the most fiercely contested and most-watched elections in Japan's history a new leader has been announced.

The 23-year-old pop star Yuko Oshima has been named president of the chart-topping social phenomenon that is AKB48 – Japan's biggest-ever all-girl supergroup that has 64 members.

AKB48 are one of the world's highest-grossing musical acts and unlike most pop groups, they have their own theatre in Tokyo where they perform sold-out shows in front of screaming fans every day.

Their annual election of a leader is a public popularity contest that allows anyone who buys a copy of their latest single to vote with the included ballot paper.

More than 1.6 million of the most recent release 'Manatsu No Sounds Good' were sold in anticipation of the vote and many more tuned in to the live television broadcast which saw Yuko crowned the group's leader.

As president of the group she will be the face of the band and feature prominently in this year's shows, videos and releases.

Asia One reported that Yuko used her acceptance speech to thank her fans and describe herself as a flower.

"You, my dear fans, have given water and light," she said. "A flower will wither someday. Please be my sunshine forever."

Written by Susan Ballion

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