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Friday, 4th May 2012
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Lost budgie tells Japanese authorities his address

A clever budgie that escaped from its cage has been returned to its owner after saying its address and telephone number to Japanese authorities in Sagamihara city, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Two-year-old Piko-chan escaped when his cage door was accidentally left open, but after being found and handed in to authorities the bird proceeded to recite where he lived, the Telegraph reported.

Speaking at a press conference after being reunited with her pet bird, Fumie Takahashi, 64, revealed that Piko-chan has flown away in the past so she taught him his address and telephone number in case he ever got lost again.
Stunned reporters at the conference watched on as the bird was asked "What's your address?", before answering "Sagamihara-shi, Hashimoto" perfectly.

Ms Takahashi said: "Before he had also run away. I thought it'd be great to teach him (his address) so that he could be found. He's able to say his entire address and even phone number," the newspaper quoted.

Earlier this month another unlikely reunion occurred when a Japanese man was contacted to say his Harley Davidson motorcycle had washed up in British Columbia.

Written by Susan Ballion