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Friday, 4th May 2012
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Japanese rice sales fall as eating habits change

Rice is the traditional staple food of Japan, but new figures appear to show its popularity waning as the eating habits of consumers begins to change.

Figures published by the Japanese internal affairs ministry shows that household spending on bread rose above rice for the first time last year, the Telegraph reported.

A 4.1 per cent drop in household spending on rice in 2011 saw the average Japanese family spend 27,780 yen (£214) on the grain at the same time as spending on bread rose by 0.2 per cent to 28,310 yen (£218).

The growing influence of western culture in Japan has been cited as a reason for this shift, with the nation's eating patterns slowly changing since the Second World War.

Rice has long been a key component of Japanese cuisine and is a primary ingredient in many sushi recipes.

Many studies have linked the high life expectancy in Japan with the cultural diet of rice and fish.

Written by Graham McPherson