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Tuesday, 1st May 2012
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Noda and Obama show solidarity in White House talks

Japan's prime minister Yoshihiko Noda met US president Barack Obama yesterday (April 30th) for bilateral talks at the White House.

The discussions were widely hailed a success as the two leaders demonstrated their solidarity in the face of global pressures.

As part of the talks, President Obama agreed to relocate US marines currently stationed in Okinawa and the two countries joined forces in their condemnation of North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

Both nations are determined to lead the international community against Pyongyang in an effort to force it to abandon its nuclear aims.

"There is a great possibility they will conduct a nuclear test," Noda told CNN reporters.

Such a threat saw Japan and the US strengthen their security ties and the US president confirmed that the talks would help reduce the threat from North Korea.

"We continue our close consultations on the provocative actions of North Korea, which are a sign of weakness and not strength and only serve to deepen Pyongyang's isolation," the news provider quoted Obama as saying.

Mr Noda became prime minister in September 2011 and is a member of the Democratic Part of Japan.

Written by Graham McPherson