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Friday, 13th April 2012
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Japanese bank introduces palm reader ATMs

A bank in Japan has claimed to have created the first cash machine that allows users to leave their credit card at home and use nothing but their hands to withdraw money.

The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in the Gifu Prefecture has worked with Fujitsu to create a new ATM machine that scans users' palms for biometric information before giving them access to their accounts, the Register reported.

After having their palms read, account holders will then be asked to enter the PIN and date of birth before gaining access to their funds.

Some banks in Japan already employ biometric cash machines, but Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank's ATMs will be the first to allow access with just a palm reader.

From September, the technology is set to be installed across ten of the bank's branches in the city of Nagoya, while a drive-thru cash point is also set to be debuted by the firm.

Commuters in Japan learned recently that they will also be able to use their mobiles while travelling on the Tokyo subway.

A new network operated by the country's top three mobile carriers is being established in the city's underground system.

Written by Susan Ballion

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