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Tuesday, 3rd April 2012
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Japanese retailer leaks Nintendo Wii U launch date

The internet is abuzz with rumours about the official launch date of the Nintendo Wii U after an email was sent from a leading games retailer in Japan that appeared to reveal the day it would hit stores.

According to a report from the WiiUDaily website, the popular Tokyo retailer Media Land let slip that the next generation console from Nintendo will be launched on November 18th in the US and a week later in Japan.

While there was no mention of a launch date for the European market, the dates appear to be genuine as Nintendo launched its hugely successful predecessor, the Wii, on November 19th back in 2006.

Previous reports claimed that the highly-anticipated machine, which features a touchscreen handheld controller, would be released in 2012.

Nintendo's US chief Reggie Fils-Aime recently said: "Wii U will launch some time between E3 - which is in June - and the end of the year so essentially the second half of the year."

November is a popular time for computer game launches, with rival firms all vying for success over the Christmas period.

Written by Susan Ballion

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