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Wednesday, 28th March 2012
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Pandas at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo 'in mood for romance'

The pair of pandas at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo have been taken from display after they started to show signs of wanting to mate.

Female Shin Shin was demonstrating behaviour associated with mating and as female pandas only ovulate one a year, the zoo is hoping that it could be a success story.

The pandas have been in the zoo since February 2011 but have had bars in place keeping them apart.

However, on Sunday morning, Shin Shin's behaviour changed and the two pandas were allowed to play together in the outdoor area for the first time.

They have now been withdrawn from view as there is only a short period of between three and seven days when pandas can become pregnant.

Shin Shin and the male panda Rhi Rhi will be put back on display again today (March 28th 2012).

The pandas are one of the most popular attractions at the zoo, which is also home to gorillas and tigers.

Written by Mark Smith  

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