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Tuesday, 27th March 2012
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Next stop: Udon noodle station

A Japanese railway operator has renamed a local central station after a famous local noodle dish in a publicity stunt designed to increase tourism in the area.

From Thursday (March 29th), commuters travelling in the Kagawa Prefecture will find that Takamatsu Station is no more, having been replaced by Sanuki Udon Station, the Mainichi Daily reported.

The novel idea is part of a witty PR campaign designed to boost tourism which draws on local delicacies from the Kagawa Prefecture, but Udon noodles are by far the region's most famous export.

JR Shihoku rail company has now installed signs at the station with its new nickname alongside the official Takamatsu Station.

"We would like to keep promoting the prefecture as much as possible," a spokesperson for JR Shihoku told the news provider.

The move is reminiscent of the 2006 Japanese comedy movie Udon, which is set in Sanuki and sees an aspiring comedian abandon his ambition and follow his father into the Udon noodle business.

Written by Mark Smith