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Wednesday, 27th August 2008
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Illegal snake owner fails to charm police

A man has been arrested in Tokyo after being found by police in possession of 51 venomous snakes.

Nobukazu Kashiwagi, 41, came to the police's attention after he was bitten by one of his deadly pets.

He was forced to call an ambulance in order to receive treatment for a potentially fatal wound. It then came to the police's attention that he did not have a licence for any of the creatures.

Following his discharge from hospital, he was arrested for breaking animal protection laws.

The snake that did the damage to Mr Kashiwagi was an eastern green mamba measuring 185 centimetres. Each of the reptiles was kept in an individual plastic case.

Visitors to Tokyo looking to encounter animals in a safer manner than that demonstrated by Mr Kashiwagi might like to visit one of the city's many zoos, including Ueno Zoo, Tama Zoo and Tokyo Sea Life Park.