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Friday, 9th March 2012
In Japan Sports News,

Japanese equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu feels as fit as ever

Japanese equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu has become the oldest man ever to qualify for the country's Olympic team.

Hoketsu qualified to compete at the London Olympics 2012 earlier this week and he will be 71 years old when he takes part.

The septuagenarian has now claimed that he feels as fit as ever and has high hopes for the competition this summer.

He told NDTV that his diet is less strict than other athletes competing in the Olympic Games as he eats and drinks what he likes including drinking a glass of wine every evening.

The equestrian's weight has remained at 62 kg since his first Olympics in his native Tokyo in 1964 when he came 40th in show jumping.

He also claims not to have changed mentally or physically over the last four years when he competed at the Beijing Olympics.

"You keep on doing what you do. That's the key," Hoketsu told the news provider.

"And you must regularly do a small amount of muscle training. But at my age, I try not to get too serious about it."

He also hopes that his horse Whisper, who he has ridden for the last 15 years, will help him perform well at the Olympics in the dressage events in August.

Written by Mark Smith