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Wednesday, 7th March 2012
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Search goes on for Tokyo's fugitive penguin

A fugitive penguin on the loose from an aquarium in Tokyo continues to evade a search party, despite eight individual sightings of the runaway bird.

Having escaped from the Tokyo Sea Life Park more than a month ago, staff from the aquarium have been on the hunt for the Humboldt penguin so they can bring it home, AFP reported.

Despite numerous reported sightings of the bird along the Old Edogawa River, however, the bird remains at large.

The penguin is just 60cm tall, but keepers at the park believe that something may have startled it enough to mean it was able to jump over a rock twice its height and dash to freedom.

Takashi Sugino, a spokesman for Tokyo Sea Life Park, admitted to the news agency that they are still searching for the bird.

"We are optimistic about catching it. We believe it is still in our neighbourhood and that it has found a particular place to sleep," he said.

Elsewhere in Japan, children have been given robotic seals to help cheer them up after losing their pets in last year's tsunami.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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