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Monday, 20th February 2012
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Nintendo 3DS breaks the 5 million sales mark

Computer game giant Nintendo revealed today (February 20th) that its handheld 3DS console is the fastest-selling in its history.

The Japanese company has announced that sales of the device - the first handheld console to boast 3D technology - surpassed the five million mark in less than 52 weeks.

Having hit the shelves on February 26th 2011, it is the first time a console has broken the five million units barrier within 12 months.

Prior to this, the fastest to reach the benchmark had been the 3DS' predecessor, the Nintendo DS in 56 weeks and the Game Boy Advance in 56 weeks.

In a statement announcing the figures, Nintendo attributed the achievement to the "favourable" holiday season and continued good sales since the New Year.

The figures were provided by Nintendo's domestic distribution companies and represent 'sell-through' sales, meaning the number bought by consumers from retailers.

Nintendo said it would use new software to help continue the console's impressive sales performance.

Written by Susan Ballion

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