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Tuesday, 14th February 2012
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Okamoto's Golden Mask goes on display in Tokyo

The famous Golden Mask created by Taro Okamoto, the late Japanese artist, is to go on display at the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

It will mark the first time that the mask has been seen in the Japanese capital, the Mainichi Daily reported.

Measuring over 10m in diameter, the giant mask was created as part of Okamoto's iconic Tower of the Sun work that was placed at the Expo 70 Commemorative Park in the prefecture of Osaka.

As the symbol of the 1970 World Exposition it carried major global significance and stood at the site in Suita up until 1992, when a replica took its place to prevent it being damaged by age.

Kaoru Matsu, curator at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, told the news provider: "We want people to experience the world view of the tower in Tokyo as well."

To transport the huge work of art to Tokyo it was reduced to 169 separate pieces before being put back together over two days at the museum.

Japan hosted subsequent World Expositions in 1975 at Okinawa, in 1985 at Tsukuba and at Seto in 2005.

Written by Mark Smith