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Tuesday, 31st January 2012
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Travel to Japan for exciting winter sports

A travel and tourism expert has highlighted some of the exciting and adventurous activities tourists can enjoy on a holiday in the northern parts of Japan.

Kylie Clark, head of public relations and marketing at the Japan National Tourism Organisation - which is the country's official body tasked with promoting tourism activities across the country - pointed out the northern regions of Japan offer a wide range of activities for daring adventure seekers, such as winter sports.

The north of Japan features a number of cold, mountainous regions, which makes it suitable for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Ms Clark maintained that northern Japan has been referred to as one of the best destinations for powder skiing in the world, so this makes it a big draw among tourists who prefer to snub more traditional skiing locations such as Switzerland, France, Austria, the United States and Canada.

As well as the sports on offer, tourists can also explore the rich and varied cultural heritage Japan has to offer.

"There's also the cultural aspect of skiing in Japan, so you can stay in a traditional inn, see the snow monkeys - it's the only place in the world where monkeys will go and get hot spring baths," Ms Clark said.

She added: "The ski resorts are amazing, there are so many to choose from, in Hokkaido as well as the alps. There's skiing and snowboarding, which is a really popular sport in Japan."

Tourists embarking on holidays to the northern parts of Japan can also take advantage of the region's rich and delicious gastronomic delights.

Ms Clarke pointed out that among the foods tourists can expect to enjoy on their stay in northern Japan, are big hearty hot pots, which people may not necessarily associate with traditional Japanese cuisine.

Written by Mark Smith