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Wednesday, 25th January 2012
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Japanese brothers reunite after 60 years apart

Two Japanese brothers have become international celebrities after being reunited almost six decades after they last saw one another.

Having been born in California, the siblings were separated in childhood when their father died and they were sent to live with different family members, Associated Press reported.

Now, 86-year-old Minoru Ohye and Hiroshi Kamimura, 84, don't even speak the same language but seeing each other for the first time in nearly 60 years on Monday (January 23rd), both felt that the other hadn't changed in the slightest.

Celebrating his 86th birthday, Mr Ohye travelled from his home in the US to visit his younger brother and exchange gifts for the first time in over half a century.

"If we miss this chance, we may never meet. You never know," he told the news agency. "Either he may die, or I may die."

The last time the brothers met was a flying visit in the 1950s when Mr Ohye was serving in the US Army and visited Japan while stationed in Korea.

Since then the vast Pacific Ocean and a lifetime of experience has separated the siblings.

After sharing a beer together, the two siblings may have enjoyed Sega's latest games console as the 'Toylet' device is being rolled out in Japanese bars.

Written by Susan Ballion