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Wednesday, 11th January 2012
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Dragon tree pulls visitors to disaster area

A gnarled tree that looks like a dragon overlooking the sea is drawing visitors to the Kesennuma in the Japanese prefecture of Miyagi.

The pine tree, which sits in the disaster-hit area on the Pacific coast, has a distinct resemblance to the mythical creature, the Mainichi Daily reported.

Badly damaged by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March last year, the tree has been stripped of leaves and many of its branches have been torn off, leaving what looks like an ancient dragon's head remaining.

With this year marking the Chinese year of the dragon, local residents have said that the two-metre tall tree is proving very with tourists, who are heading to Kesennuma to see it.

One 73-year-old man who visited the tree told the news provider: "It really looks like a dragon. Maybe this year will be a good one."

Back in December, a pine known as the 'miracle tree' finally succumbed to the damage incurred during the March disasters.

The tree was the only one which remained standing after a forest of 70,000 was ripped up by the tsunami.

Written by Kimberley Homer